Unlocking High Potential in Leaders – a Fire Side Chat with Vineet Nayar

Vineet Nayar

Vineet Nayar

I attended a session with Vineet on unlocking high potential in leaders. Vineet is the Vice Chairman and Joint MD of HCL Technologies and author of the much acclaimed book “Employees First Customer Second” published by Harvard Business Press. According to him everyone has positives and negatives, we only need to focus and leverage on our positives to realize our maximum potential. Key mantras for the same are:

  1. Be yourself and know your strengths. Let people adapt to who you are.
  2. Being flexible in life is bad. Be stable and consistent
  3. Understand your strengths in areas of relationship, leadership, knowledge, innovation, and momentum (initiative).
  4. Find a complementing team to your attributes to form stable partnerships and teams which can leverage each other.
  5. Define impact of actions and your competence to execute- Do High Impact actions matching your competence and delegate other actions to your team.
  6. Leverage yourself by understanding the objectives and using actions for maximum influence and impact.
  7. Understand what motivates people (each ones motivation could be different) and provide a suitable motivating environment for each. Some people may be motivated by quality of work and some by money.
  8. If you are not able to meet the ‘ask’ then move the ‘ask’ closer to you.
  9. Create a stable structure with a single idea by spinning the idea with a unique point of view.

A simple recipe such as above could do wonders for you.

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